Monday, November 3, 2014

Fragrance concentrations

There are so many different types of fragrances on the market, it might be a bit overwhelming to pick one out. Obviously, everyone's taste in fragrances is different, but what about the difference in  longevity and how strong the fragrance actually is? There are a few different levels of concentration and I thought I'd share them, to make sure that the fragrance you choose is the right one for you!

It might sound a bit difficult, but it isn't at all! If there is more alcohol in it, it will not last as long or be as strong. But it will be cheaper! So let's see the different levels.

First off, Eau Fraîche. If you buy these fragrances you know they are not going to last long. Probably not over 2 hours, which is not really a long time. It's nice though if you just want a light fragrance and don't want to pay too much for it. (1-3% perfume oils)

The next one, which is a little more concentrated and the most popular one, is Eau de Toilette. This will last up to 3 hours and is a little bit stronger than Eau Fraîche. This is suitable to use as an everyday fragrance. (5-15% perfume oils)

My personal favorite, Eau de Parfum, because this will last up to 6 hours! They are usually quite expensive though, but I think it's definitely worth it! The strength of the fragrance is really nice, especially for special occasions like a party! (15-20% perfume oils)

The most expensive one is Perfume. This is quite strong as it has less alcohol and more perfume oils in it than any of the other ones. With least application this one will last pretty much all day! (20-30% perfume oils)

I hope this cleared things up a little bit for some of you, because I know I used to be so confused about this! I just wanted to say that, obviously everyone's skin is different and every fragrance will react differently on everyone, but these are just some guidelines to go by! Thanks for reading!

XxX Elvira

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