Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My top 3 Revlon nail polishes - Reviews + Swatches!

One of my favorite nail polish brands is definitely Revlon. I love their formula, the opacity and the wide range of beautiful colors they have. Because I've used quite a lot of their polishes and I always get lots of compliments while wearing them, I thought it'd be nice to narrow down my favorite Revlon polishes and make a top 3!

85 Minted
Revlon's nail enamel in the color 85 Minted is a beautiful mint color. When I applied the first layer I was quite dissappointed if I'm completely honest. The formula was a little bit too thin for my liking and it applied quite streaky. The second layer however looked amazing. It seemed to really even out the polish and the color gets perfectly opaque and leaves a nice shine. It also dries very quickly and does not chip fast on me!

281 Classy
Revlon's nail enamel in the color 281 Classy is a gorgeous peachy blush/nude color, which is one of those colors that just looks good and goes with every out
fit. Again, the formula is on the thin side, but apply two layers and it looks beautiful! Like the name suggests; this color looks beautiful and very classy! ;)

310 Timeless
Still looking for that perfect grey nail polish that is not too dark and has no shimmers at all, but you can't seem to find it? Well here it is! This is my favorite Revlon nail polish of all time! It's so beautiful, classy and versatile and I just love this kind of grey color on the nails. However, it's only for those of you who don't mind applying a second coat, because the first one looks absolutely terrible to be honest. Way worse than the first coat looks with the two polishes mentioned above in my opinion. But again, the second coat looks beautiful!

I know I've been repeating myself quite a bit while discussing these three polishes by pretty much saying the same things about the first and second coats but I wanted to put it out there because I have not experienced this with all Revlon polishes I've tried, so I wanted to give you my honest thoughts about them! Still I love these colors and will continue wearing them loads on my nails! Do you have a favorite Revlon nail polish? Let me know!

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