Wednesday, May 27, 2015

REVIEW - The Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It

I picked up the The Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It because I have oily skin that needs a good primer to keep it shine-free and to make my makeup last. This primer sounded like a good option for me. It claims to absorb oils on the skin and create a smooth base for foundation.

The primer feels very slippery and really has that silicone feeling to it. It does make my skin look matte at first, but my foundation looks very shiny throughout the day, no matter what foundation I use on top of it. I don't really notice a huge difference when it comes to applying my makeup either. I do feel like it kind of smoothes out the fine lines, but nothing out of the ordinary. My skin also feels quite slippery. It's almost as if I can't really get it to blend into my skin.
To me this primer is okay, I don't hate it and I still use it, but I do think there are way better options on the market in the same price range. For what this primer does I think the price is a bit too high. Obviously everyone has different skin, so just because this isn't my holy grail primer, doesn't mean it can't be yours!

The Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It retails for $15.

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