Friday, October 2, 2015

REVIEW - Mac Prep + Prime Fix +

It is not a secret that I am pretty much obsessed with Mac products. The products always look beautiful and the quality is amazing. So after hearing a lot of raving about the Mac Prep + Prime Fix + for many years now, I finally decided to get one for myself and see if it is worth the hype.

First of all, I love the fact that this product is so versatile. Because it can be used in so many different ways, this product has quickly become a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

I love spraying a few sprays on my face right before I apply my foundation. This way it acts as a base for the makeup that is put on top. It refreshes the skin, does a great job at moisturizing and makes your foundation go on a lot smoother. Fix + has definitely become my favorite primer of the moment.

We all have those days where we feel like the makeup you just put on, looks a bit too powdery. Fix + is the perfect solution! With just a few sprays of this, it makes a huge difference. My makeup looks less powdery and gets a more radiant and glowy finish, which I love. Not only does your makeup look better, it also lasts longer, because the Fix + also acts as a makeup setting spray.

Another way I love using the Mac Fix + is by spraying a bit of it on a makeup sponge and then blending my concealer with it. It makes the concealer blend so smoothly and makes it look way more natural. Also, when using the Fix + on a makeup sponge it prevents too much of the foundation or concealer from sinking into the sponge, so that more of it actually goes on your face!

I truly recommend checking out the Mac Prep + Prime Fix + if you haven’t yet. Not only does it feel really refreshing and does it smell amazing, it also makes makeup look better and last longer!

The Mac Prep + Prime Fix + retails for $22.00/£17.00/€16.50

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