Sunday, September 27, 2015

REVIEW - Kiko Intensely Lavish lip pencil 02 Pretty Mauve

I have been wanting the Mac Soar lip pencil for quite a while now, but as it seems to ALWAYS be sold out, I was trying to find a good dupe. And I think I might have found one! As Kiko just came out with their new Rebel Romantic collection, which is absolutely stunning, I was browsing through all the new products and stumbled upon the Intensely Lavish lip pencil. After looking up a lot of swatches, I figured that the shade 02 Pretty Mauve was pretty similar to Mac Soar, so I decided to pick it up and try it out!

This lip pencil is the creamiest lip pencil I have tried yet. It is incredibly creamy, which makes it really easy to apply to the lips and it is pretty much fool proof. It is really pigmented and the shade is absolutely beautiful. I love pairing this with a nude lipstick to create a gorgeous dark nude shade. The lip liner is very matte and even though it lasts a long time it does feel quite drying on the lips after wearing it for some time. So I do suggest pairing it with a moisturizing lipstick on top, or maybe use a lip balm before applying the lip pencil.

If you are on the look out for a Mac Soar dupe, definitely check this lip pencil out! Not only is the packaging with the rose gold lid stunning, it is an amazing product and is only a fraction of the price!

The Kiko Intensely Lavish lip pencil in the shade 02 Pretty Mauve retails for $9.00/£4.90/€4.90

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