Friday, August 21, 2015

App review - Clinch

I am so excited to share today’s review with you all! I know it’s very different from my usual makeup reviews, but I think you will like it and enjoy the app as much as I do! And trust me, it is very addicting! Once you download it and start ‘clinching’ you will immediately fall in love with it! Wondering what app I am talking about? It is the Clinch app, which is basically an app to make your online shopping experience even more fun and creative. When you first start out using Clinch, all the different options might be a little overwhelming, so I am here to help you out and explain everything you can do and create.

First off, this is what the main page looks like once you have downloaded Clinch. 

In the search bar you can type in any site you want to visit for online shopping. My favorite is definitely Sephora, because they have so many different brands and the latest bestsellers on their site, so I will use the Sephora site as an example. When you type in the site you want to shop from, it turns into a Google page so you can easily go to your favorite stores.

 When you are on the site, it just works like the site normally would, so you can just browse through all the different products and see everything they have to offer. 
So let’s say you find a makeup product that you really like and want to buy in the future. For example, this Becca Champagne Pop highlighter is something I am interested in. 

To kind of ‘save’ this product, I am going to ‘clinch’ it. Just click the button in the top right corner to ‘clinch’ whatever product you want. It will take you to the next screen, where you can choose the best picture of the product, the name, price and description. To make it much easier for yourself to find a certain product back, you can add a tag to it. 

And that’s it! You have ‘clinched’ your first product!

But what can you do with the products you ‘clinch’? Well, you can create your own wishlist of products! 

I love this feature because I like to clinch a lot of products and then go through them to see everything I still want to get, which I think is a lot of fun to do when you are a makeup junkie like me! ;) So you can just keep adding things to your wishlist, or create a brand new one!

Another thing you can do with your ‘clinched’ products is compare them! So let’s say I want this Mac paint pot, but I also really want this Nars concealer... Which one should I get first?

 To make your decision easier, add both to the compare bubble. Now when you click on one of the products, you see the description and the price of the products so you can easily see which of the products is cheaper and suits you better!

Now it is time to talk about my favorite option! You can create your own canvas with all your ‘clinched’ products.

 When you click on the plus button in the top right corner you can add the products you want to use for the look you are creating. You can easily move them and change the size of the products so you can make the canvas look exactly like you want it to! 

I love using this to create new makeup looks so you can see all the products together and see if you like it! I came up with this summer makeup look, with products I found on the Sephora site and are on my ‘to buy’ list. 

I was going for a glowy skin, with a summery bright lip and I love how it turned out! I definitely need to get some of these products now! I also created a canvas with some of my absolute favorite makeup products I have and that I use on a daily basis. 

Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will show you the completed makeup look based on this canvas, with a full description of all the products used!

I hope that my explanation was clear and that you now understand all the things you can do with the Clinch app. If you want to know more about the app, this Youtube video will show you everything you need to know;
The app is available for the iPad here;

X Elvira

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