Sunday, August 2, 2015

REVIEW - Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush, Original and Tropical + 3 tips for an easier and better dry shampoo application!

The Batiste dry shampoos are probably one of the most raved about ones on the market. They are not crazy expensive and people seem to love them. After using and repurchasing them for several years myself, I thought I would share with you just why they are so raved about.

There is a total of seven different scents, of which I have three. I currently have Blush (which I have repurchased several times), Original and Tropical. I haven’t found there to be a major difference in formula between these, the only difference I can tell is the scent. Blush has a nice floral scent, Original smells very clean and fresh and Tropical (which is definitely my favorite!) smells exactly like coconut.

When spraying it in the roots of your hair, it does leave a bit of a white residue, but you can easily massage/comb it into your hair. The formula itself is very finely mild and does not way the hair down. It gives you lots of volume and absorbs oils, which makes it perfect for using in between washing your hair. On top of that, the scent is not too overpowering and does not linger.

A few tips
A lot of people are put off by dry shampoos because they end up with white residue in their hair that they can’t get rid of. I have three easy tips on how to avoid that so that everyone can use and love dry shampoo!
1.      Don’t spray too close to your hair. The closer you hold the bottle of dry shampoo to your hair, the more product will transfer onto your hair. Try to keep a little bit of distance and you will notice a huge difference.
2.      Take more time. Something a lot of people don’t realize, is that dry shampoo needs a little bit of time to absorb the oils and work its magic. After spraying it in your hair, let it set for a little bit and then continue styling your hair.
3.      Use a hair brush. Massaging the dry shampoo in with your fingers takes too long? Try using a hair brush to evenly distribute the product.

All in all, the Batiste dry shampoos are the best I have tried yet in making my second day hair look like it is freshly washed. I will definitely keep on using them and repurchasing them again when I run out.
Have you tried any of the Batiste dry shampoos? Which scent is your favorite? Let me know!

X Elvira

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